Thursday, January 7, 2010


One of my favorite things about the holidays is receiving Christmas cards from my families and friends.

I love getting pictures of their kids and seeing how much everyone has changed over the last year. I'm especially a fan of the Christmas letter that recounts all the happenings of the year. We went to Europe, Sally graduated from nursing school, we and our kids are far more successful than you and yours. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!

I love my life and I do cool stuff, but I'm not sure a list of the concerts I'd been to, the trips I've taken and the weddings I was in were necessarily Christmas card worthy. Plus, I have a blog. If those people want to read about my happenings, they can just log on here and check it out.

I opted for simply a card with a photograph. Of myself. Solo.

Day 67's thing I've never done before was design, and send, my own Christmas card.

Finding the perfect picture was a challenge. Finding a picture of me by myself that didn't look completely crazy wasn't easy. I even dragged Mo across the street from our office to snap a picture with the lights at Centennial Olympic Park. But this picture by the trash can was the best one we took and I really didn't want my Christmas card picture to be taken next to a trash receptacle.

As much as I wanted this little project to be a surprise to everyone that would receive it, I had to consult Elizabeth for help.

Here were some of the options:

Christmas makes me want to jump up and down. Hope your holidays defy gravity!

This picture was taken in Palm Springs after I sunk a putt at PGA West golf course. I love this picture because I was so happy that day and when I look at it, I feel joyful. But as Elizabeth pointed out, all of the blog readers have seen it before.

I could do better.

Hope you're new year is full of open bars and cover bands. No more lazy eyes in 2010!

This was the one Elizabeth voted for.

This picture was taken at a wedding after-party and for a Christmas card, I just felt like it was a little much. Like I was trying to hard to prove that I have fun. And I dress up. Plus, it was very late when this picture was taken. Very late.

Not the one.

Is that the holidays I hear? Or is that just freedom ringing? Merry Christmas!

This was almost the one.

That's the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. I found it to be completely underwhelming.

I needed a picture that would highlight the adventures of the year, show my fun side, and one where I didn't look completely hideous. I wondered if this is the process families also use in choosing their Christmas card photograph. Adventure, check! Fun, check! Not hideous, check!

And, drumroll please..

Here is the finished product!

Hope your holiday received two big thumbs up! And all the best in 2010. Love, Stephanie


  1. Wow. The trash can one is hilarious. However, in the end, you get two thumbs up for the one you chose :)

  2. I can't believe the trash can didn't make the cut.