Wednesday, July 24, 2013

she's come a long way.

Remember Cindy, my friend from childhood whose art is being featured at the Coastal Living Show House on Daniel Island?

This is us in high school, '95-'96-ish, tailgating before a Carolina game in the Olympia parking lot, likely up to no good.

photo (19)

We've certainly come a long way.

Most importantly, we don't wear business casual to football games anymore.  (Nice vest, geek!)

But also, we've discovered our passions and are pursuing them passionately.  Her with painting, and me with writing.  

Tomorrow, Cindy's passion will be out on display in Mt. Pleasant at her art show.


To say I'm proud of her might imply that I had anything to do with her talent and her success, and clearly that's not the case.  Yet, I am proud. 

Mostly, though, I'm just so very excited for her.   

I always knew she'd go on to do great things - I mean, back in high school she managed to make a Nissan Stanza Wagon look cool.  And that's hard to do.


But her very own art show?  Well, that's big.

Congrats, Cindy! I wish I could be there.

Charleston peeps - please go check out her art show.  Non-Charleston peeps - you can check her art out here

Monday, July 22, 2013

independence day.

Well thanks to all of YOU, my dreams of becoming a super model have been realized.  I won the Sandpiper contest and a $200 gift certificate to my favorite store.


In sincere gratitude for your votes, how about some pictures from July 4th?  Jacob and I spent the holiday with his family at their home in Debordieu, a beach community just south of Pawley's Island, South Carolina.


Everyone in Debordieu celebrates Independence Day in a big way - like a morning golf cart parade>afternoon beach games>evening picnic>nighttime corn hole - kind of way. 


Really nothing says "freedom" like a military flyover and a golf cart disguised as an alligator, am I right?


We soaked up every ounce of sun, sand, beer and wine the weekend had to offer, and capped it off with a trip to Lake Murray to see my parents on the way back.

One set of parents at the beach, and another set at the lake?  Hard not to feel lucky about that. 


Also, we forced invited my parents to watch a Phish concert when we were at their house.  I'm not so sure they were impressed.  They didn't get up and leave, but they weren't exactly moved like we were.  My dad had the best line of the night, however, when he said, pointing at Jon Fishman, "So does that guy always wear the donuts?"

An instant Chuck Gallman classic.

Friday, July 12, 2013

many, many thanks.

Wow.  Thank you so much. 

Rarely am I at a loss for words, but your sweet comments about Tuesday's post (I'm gonna be an aunt!) and your willingness to "like" my pseudo-modeling picture have truly overwhelmed me this week in the best way possible.

Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and this blog - the fact that you're not completely sick of me is remarkable.  I'm a bit sick of myself to be honest.

When my friend Kyle asked me if I would participate in a Facebook contest for her clothing store, The Sandpiper, we laughed about it together on the phone.

"Self-promotion?  Pictures of myself on Internet?!  Duh, of course I'll do it," I joked.

We joked, because Kyle and I lately have both felt disgusted with Facebook - specifically the tendency of certain individuals to share every single detail/emotion/picture of their lives as they are happening in real time.

A picture of myself, pleading for votes?  Participating in Kyle's request meant I'd have to become the very person I'd come to loathe.

Sure, sharing details, emotions, and pictures is a part of what I do as a blogger, but I assure you the sometimes intimate details of my life are never shared in haste (and pretty much never in real time) - and though the grammatical errors might lead you to believe otherwise, I'm actually quite thoughtful with the things I write about and the pictures I post. 

Moreover, I really don't love pictures of myself - especially ones where I'm alone or worse - the dreaded selfie.  Side note: Stop it with the selfies, America.

Plus, despite all evidence to the contrary, I really have a hard time with self-promotion. 

I do enjoy the spectacle of social media, however, and I'm all about new experiences and I've always wanted to be a fashion model - so dress up and pose for a picture?  Well, sure! Anything for a friend! 

The photo shoot at the Sandpiper was, in a word, hilarious.  I've shopped at the store for years (and if you're in Atlanta, you should too) and am used to Kyle giving me the royal stylist treatment.  But this time, in addition to dressing me up, she also served as photographer - giving me tips on how to pose, shaking her head in disgust when I would mess with my hair, and at least once, physically moving my chin to do what she wanted it to.


There were a lot of laughs and even more joking (but not really joking?) about me using my extensive social network to beat out the other ladies who had subjected themselves to such scrutiny.  It's certainly too soon to tell whether or not I'll be the winner, but the shares, the likes, the sweet comments were worth it regardless.

So, thank you very much.

And if you haven't already "liked" my picture - you can do so here.  And if you're in Atlanta, go visit the Pipettes at the Sandpiper. 


I'm staying in town this weekend, with absolutely no plans, which makes me very happy and thankful, though admittedly I already miss the sand beneath my feet.

What are YOU up to?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

big. breaking. news.

How about that title for the ultimate tease?!  Can you stand it?!

What could I possibly have to say that could actually live up to the words: big. breaking. news.?

After all, I'm certainly not above tricking people people to read this blog.  I have little shame - I'd definitely lure you in with a big dramatic title that may or may not live up to the hype.

But this one, at least for me, really is big.

In addition to my hilarious mom being done with radiation treatment for breast cancer (big enough news on its own), I am so excited to tell you that come November, a sixth person will be making a debut into this insanity. . .


That's right, people - I'm going to be an AUNT! 

And . . .


Say wha?  Can you imagine the amount of spoiling that is about to take place?

Even I can't imagine it sometimes - it's hard to think about another little person in our crazy family.  But I'm so very excited that my brother and Katie are going to be parents, my parents are going to be grandparents,  and that I will soon get to live out all the dreams I've had about being a legit crazy aunt.

Needless to say, my July 4th holiday was pretty spectacular, and not just because I was relaxing at the beach (those pictures to come).

How was your holiday?

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

vacation steph, part II

I'll spare you lots of details about my family beach vacation, because, let's face it, hearing about other people's vacations is lame. Likewise, being forced to look at pictures of scenery is cool for about a minute, and then it's lame too.

But I'm taking off for the beach AGAIN tomorrow - (I know, Vacation Steph is SO obnoxious) - and it just wouldn't feel right if I didn't tell you about the latest Gallman Beach trip


I'll even throw in a recommendation for a cool place to go if you're ever in Southport, a charming and quaint seaside town near Oak Island where cheesy movies like Safe Haven and I Know What You Did Last Summer were filmed. 

Provision Co., or "Provisions" as we've called it since it opened, is the first place I ever drank a beer (ahem, first place I ever drank a beer with my parents). The owner and head chef looks exactly like Jimmy Buffet and serves up crab cake sandwiches, burgers, and encourages patrons to help themselves to beers out of self-serve coolers on the honor system.


So it goes with visiting the same beach year after year, I was again reminded of how much older I'm getting when I spotted lightning off the coast and legitimately got excited about watching an evening storm from the porch, rocking next to my dad.  The storm never materialized into the show I'd hoped for, but it didn't really matter.

Nothing ever really matters in Oak Island.  It's a "whatever" kind of place.

Nothing, except, of course, except whether or not I'll sit at the pool or by the beach.  I almost always choose beach, much to the dismay of my little cousins, who are always trying to convince me to come to the pool, likely so that they can shoot me with water guns or play other pranks on me. I'm no fool.

They're cute, but they're mischievous, too - and some are already taller than me.  How did that happen?


The young ones don't seem as weary of me as they have in years past.  They know my name, despite only seeing me once or twice a year, and they actually humor me as much as their parents (my first cousins) do, answering my questions about school, girlfriends, and what they want to be when they grow up.    

Molly, my cousin who thinks I'm a teenager (she honestly asked her mom when the "teenager" was going to arrive, so obviously she's my favorite forever), said she wants to be a professional soccer player.  I reminded her that she's my favorite so when she becomes rich and famous, she'll get me tickets to her games and signed jerseys and soccer balls.  

Emma and Tara don't know what they're going to be when they get older, but they know English and Math, respectively, are their favorite subjects.  I told them that it was ok, since I didn't know what I wanted to be either.  They didn't seem all that impressed, considering I'm post-30 and all. 

I told Ryanne she should be a teacher, since her voice is ridiculously loud and she talks a lot.  She said, "No way.  I'm gonna be an archaeologist."

I told her I didn't even know what an archaeologist was.  She rolled her eyes at me and walked away. 

Later, she asked me about my job.  I told her I worked for a television news network.

Her response: "Ewwwww!  Grossss!  Borrrrring."



My mom (aka Mrs. Wizard) bribed the kids to hang out with her, teaching them how to make homemade ice cream in a bag.  I completely doubted this experiment, but it actually turned out well and tasted really good. 

It was an extremely uneventful, peaceful, porch swinging, relaxing kind of week.  


The very best kind of week there is.