Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 66: Book Club Delinquency

Day 66's thing that I've never done before was to go to book club without reading or knowing the title of the book.

I know. Lamest. Blog Entry. Ever.

For most people, book clubs are meant to be for fun; reading, or not reading, is completely optional.

Not this book club. My friend Shelley started it and she is no joke. After our first meeting, she paid attention to who read and who didn't, and when it came time for the second meeting, those who didn't bother reading did not get invited back. My weekday social interactions are lame as it is. Getting uninvited to book club just might send me over the edge.

Luckily I also arrived late to the gathering, and all of the book discussion had changed to conversations about Christmas and cleaning ladies. I remain safe for another month.

When it's my turn to suggest reading material for the club, I think I may suggest, "Project 29 to 30" and see what everyone says.


  1. I thought red nail polish was lamer.

  2. according to your little follower matrix in the upper right hand corner, two of your followers are the same dog!

  3. Hahaa! I noticed the dog thing too.