Friday, December 20, 2013

greetings and celebrations.

Merry Christmas Friends!  (And Happy Holidays, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Festivus too!)

Whatever you're in to, I suspect many of you have visions of 2-week vacations dancing in your heads already, and if so, I am extremely jealous, as I will be working next week.  Fingers crossed for lots of baked goodies around the newsroom and no breaking news.  

Sadly, I haven't attended a single holiday party this season, but things have been quite festive around here - very festive, in fact, in the ways with which I am most familiar - baby showers and weddings.

First, Kyle's Baby Shower -


"Festive" doesn't even begin to describe the wonder of this party.  I wish I could take credit for it, but besides just a few miscellaneous contributions, most of the heavy (and fancy) lifting of her shower came courtesy of her mom and sister.  Those two created a Winter Wonderland that would make even Kimye jealous.  It was truly spectacular and a genuinely fun time celebrating Kyle, Greg and Baby G (coming January 2014).

My biggest contribution was a video - 21 minutes of family and friends talking about what kind of parents Greg and Kyle are going to be - understood if you don't know them, this will probably not be at all interesting to you.  However, if you're getting ready to have a baby or thinking about getting pregnant - scroll through to the "advice" section of the video where things get real, fast.

Last weekend, Jacob's super fun (and beautiful) sister Amy got married in Charleston.  Obviously I'm quite seasoned when it comes to weddings, but after participating in three days of non-stop wedding activity I'm afraid I might be out of practice.  I texted my girlfriends the Monday after it was over, "Now I understand why people get married in their twenties - because wedding festivities for a 30+-year old is brutal."

Much to my delight, Amy's wedding photographer was none other than my blog crush Olivia - it was wonderful to catch up with her and hear about all of the wonderful things she's been up to.  For a full update, head over to her blog, but safe to say she's on her way to becoming a famous photographer.

I can't wait to see her pictures of Amy - but here are some of mine as your preview of the shenanigans.

And obviously let's not forget the most important celebration of all - no offense Kyle and Amy - but my niece Katherine Gray is one month old.  While still doing very little but eating, pooping and sleeping, she still manages to impress us all by simply existing.  


So . . .no boozy tacky Christmas sweater parties over here (aren't those so passe anyway?), but December has been busy.  I cannot help but feel the spirit of Christmas when surrounded by the people that I love and care for in the midst of the biggest celebrations of their lives.  

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas - Stay safe, make smart choices, be nice, and choose love.  

I'll be back before the New Year to share all the highlights and low lights of 2013.  

Thursday, December 12, 2013

stupid crap.

I was at my friend Lisa's house last weekend when she said to me, "When are you going to start doing new things again and writing about it?"

My ears started to perk up at her interest in the blog, as she continued her thought.

"I need an excuse to do stupid crap."

I laughed, and then quickly scanned my memories of all of the shenanigans Lisa and I have participated in over the years - both for the blog and also those NSFB.  Though I'd prefer to think of them as adventures, life-changing moments, lasting memories made, I guess "stupid crap" applies to most, if not all, of them.

"We definitely don't need an excuse to do stupid crap," I reminded her.  After all, I was doing stupid crap long before I started this blog, and I'll continue doing stupid crap long after the blog goes away.

But she's right.  The frequency of my doing new things and writing about them has leveled off considerably since I turned 30.  My health and sanity have depended on my accepting the normal of my everyday life and finding wonder in that, but I still crave adventure, spontenaitey and travel. 

Back in October, a last minute trip to New York to spend some time with (and surprise) friends I hadn't seen in a while beckoned, and I gave in.  Sometimes listening to that devilish voice inside your head that keeps taunting you, "Just do it! Just book the ticket!" is a very good thing. 

And in three short days, I managed to fit in a great deal of stupid crap:

1. Smorgasburg - Brooklyn's answer to food trucks, featuring dozens of vendors serving delicious and eclectic food "to go."  Duck dumplings, Pork Spring Rolls, that Ramen burger you keep hearing about everywhere - they have it all and it's all delicious, and by New York's standards, relatively inexpensive.    

Plus, it's the best place to mingle about hispters in their natural habitat -- there were plaid shirts, ironic mustaches, and Buddy Holly glasses as far as the eye could see.
2013-10-191 IMG_3524IMG_3490

2. A stroll through Brooklyn, while indulging in, hands down, the best ice cream sandwich I've ever had.  It almost cured my sadness over Georgia losing to Vanderbilt, which I watched unfold on my Twitter feed.


3. A walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.


4. A going away surprise Italian dinner executed perfectly for my friend Laura, followed by bar dancing (with a Reserved section sign as a prop). 


5. An original Banksy, one block from Lauren's house. 


As of yesterday, I'm headed back to New York for the New Year.  If that's stupid crap, well then, bring it on.