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  1. I read your "Hula Hoop" article in Reader's Digest sometime ago (magazines wait for me to read them like they're standing in line at the DMV) and I wanted to thank you. Your insight was humorous, blunt, and accurate. Depression has such stigma attached to it that even sufferers stereotype it and resist the diagnosis. I've often asked myself if I was truly depressed if I could put on a happy face and be fine at work. No one would guess, really... Thank you for letting me know I'm not alone.

  2. Should've known you were a Georgia girl Stephanie! Great job on the article, although ... you never said if you were were married or not? Athens is my hometown, if you are ever out this way, I would love to opportunity to chat some with you and show you some of the local dives. I'm currently a film crew for ESPN and the advertising coordinator for Comcast. Duke

  3. Hello,

    from which agency did you buy the image of Bill Murray drinking a cocktail? I can't see neither an agency name, nor photographer's name... Is that legitimate use of an image or a copyright infringement?