Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 58: A Day of Thanksgiving

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving I was looking for something to do for the blog that was holiday-related. I have heard Oprah talk about how keeping a gratitude journal will help a person attract positive things in their life. I decided to start one of my own and on Day 58, I made a list of 100 things I'm thankful for as the thing I've never done before.

Still lying in bed on Tuesday morning, I started making the list in my head.

1. God (he's the man, always there when I need him, definitely number one)

2. Family and friends (they love and support me, make me laugh, help me through the tough times)

3. Ron

Ron? What?

Ron is my brother's dog. I'm not sure why Ron came to my head as the third thing that I'm most thankful for, but he did. He's a pretty awesome dog and I do wish that I saw him more (he lives in Charleston), but I'm not sure Ron and I have spent enough time together for him to win the number three spot on my list.

Spray tans and fabric softener also made it into the top ten, though, so I resolved that past the first two entries, this list was not going to go in order of importance.

#14 was Mexican food, which I eat more often than I should, but am always thankful for. This was a dangerous entry, because then I started listing off other foods and drinks that I was thankful for. #15 Margaritas, #16 Chili, #24 Sushi

I quickly put a stop to these entries. I didn't want all 100 things that I was thankful for to be food.

#22 Live Music, #31 Eating Outside, #34 Laughing so hard I cry



Again, I made myself stop, or I probably could've rattled off 50 websites that I visit daily.

This list was fun, though, and it instantly made me feel good. I easily came up with 100 things that I've experienced or are in my life, right now, that I was thankful for. And I definitely could have come up with more.

#58 Gospel choirs, #62 Honesty, #73 Sincere compliments, #85 Sun on my Face, #89 Hotel rooms

#100 Sand in my toes

Yes, my list is all over the place. Just like me, I guess.

I hesitate to blindly buy into everything that Oprah promotes, but I think she's onto something with lists like these. Writing down the good things in my life made me forget, if only for a few moments, about the negative ones. How can I feel sorry for myself with #9 Clean Sheets, #23 Cold Draught Beer, and #79 Good Jeans?

True, life doesn't always go my way, but do have a lot to be thankful for.