Friday, October 24, 2014

goodbyes suck.

Forgive me today, everyone, for I have broken the cardinal sin in the workplace by ugly/swollen/red face crying all day.   

After rounds of emotional buyouts and difficult layoffs at Turner Broadcasting and CNN, today is the day that I say goodbye to my mentor and friend, Paul Caron.


Paul has worked for CNN for 28.5 years - in two countries, four bureaus (Detroit, Miami, London and Atlanta) and he's done more or less every job television has to offer - from an On-air Correspondent to Assignment Manager to Unofficial Expert on Detroit.

His unparalleled experience, sound news judgement, and managerial style is something of legend around here.  His quick wit, lead by example attitude and unceasing loyalty made him adored my many - as both a colleague and friend.  Without a doubt, he is one of the best bosses that I've ever had. 

When I told him I was dealing with depression, he told me if I needed anything, he would be there and then he said, "This doesn't mean I can't still make fun of you, right?"

I burst out laughing - it was exactly what I needed to hear. I have a book full of "Paul Caron-isms" just like that - I will cherish it always.


When he celebrated 25 years with the company, my friend Jackie and I made a video tribute with words of praise and roasts from our colleagues.   There is no way we could ever top that video, but all of the sentiments and tributes still stand.

Paul, we love you.  We will all miss you.  CNN wouldn't be what it is without you and it won't ever be the same when you're gone. 

In the words of the man himself, "A tip of the Old English D," to you, Paul!  Best of luck!

And seriously, I know it's a long shot - but if my dad, brother and all male family members pass away AND I ever get married (BIG if, I know), I really hope you'll walk me down the aisle.