Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 154: Lots of Little Steps

On Day 154, I agreed (read: got suckered in) to come into work on a Sunday.

The extra shift did not fit in with my usual Sunday lounging, blogging, and exercising activities. So I had to get creative, but also make the thing I'd never done before easy, since I didn't have a lot of time.

Unfortunately, when days are busy, the first thing that I omit from my day is exercising. That wasn't always the case, but since I've been behind since I started this project, blogging has now moved up on my priority list. I fit exercise in when I can.

Not good, considering I have a weight-loss goal I'm trying to achieve.

All of the fitness magazines I've ever read suggest adding little bouts of exercise to your daily routine, so the idea of going to the gym for an hour doesn't feel so daunting. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, do squats in front of the copy machine in the office (seriously, does anyone really do this?), use an exercise ball instead of a desk chair. I decided, with limited time and zero creativity, I would give one of these activities a try.

Day 154's thing I've never done before was to park in the absolute last spot of my office parking lot.

I know, you're mad. You feel let down by this blog already and I don't blame you. This was a lame day. But I bared my soul, I booty-danced, I beer carnivaled. I needed a break.

This idea was one that I didn't think needed much planning. I didn't think I need to plan it at all. Just park the car in the last space. But the perfectionist in me wanted to make sure that I picked the absolute very last spot. So when I spent fifteen minutes driving around the back of the parking lot like a weirdo, alerting the security guard to come see what kind of shady business was going on, I started to think that maybe I should've planned this a little better.

Finally I chose a spot and enjoyed a nice extended walk into work. Challenge completed.

Until I had to walk out from work to the very last spot, and then I realized again how poorly I had planned. Next time, I might reserve this activity for the daytime. Last parking spot + darkness = not smart.

Ok, so maybe this wasn't the most adventurous day I've had. But I can tell you, that this is one of the few blog activities that I have tried and done nearly everyday since.

And I agree, it's an easy way to take extra steps in the day and therefore burn more calories. But I'm kidding myself if I think I can add a few more feet between me and my office and still manage to get my body fat percentage in the teens.

Every little bit helps, though, right? I may just start lunging around my office and sprinting up the stairs during coffee breaks.


  1. do the excercise ball at your desk. i always think those things look like fun!

    or stop eating krispy kreme donuts at 11pm on a wednesday night.

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