Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 191: Dear Kelly Ripa

Work didn't let up on Day 191.

The thing I've never done before had to be something easy and something I could do late at night once I finally made it home.

So I did something that Lauren suggested I do when the project began. I've been meaning to do it for a while, but always felt stupid. Truthfully, I still feel stupid, but what's done is done.

Day 191's thing I've never done before was to write my favorite celebrity, Kelly Ripa, a fan letter.

Here is what it said:

Dear Kelly,

Happy Spring from one of your biggest fans in Georgia.

My name is Stephanie Gallman and I am attempting something big for my 30th birthday that is quickly approaching in September. Everyday for one year, I am trying to do something that I've never done before.

Today's thing I've never done before: to write my favorite celebrity and ask to meet them (you).

I tried to get tickets to your show back in December when I was in New York, but all the seats were taken. I did go to Physique 57 to take a class and loved it. No wonder your arms are the envy of so many. It was super hard!

Anyway, if you say the word, and are game, I will come to New York whenever and we can meet. For a jog in Central Park. Or for some pizza. Or a beer. Or some wine. Whatever. I’m flexible.

Or, if you prefer, I can co-host for you and you can take the day off.

My mom is convinced that I am completely qualified to take your place if you’re ever ready to retire. I imagine every mother thinks this about her daughter, and while I’m not convinced I could do what you do, it’s endearing she thinks that I can.

Regardless, I think you are such a cool person. Beautiful, of course, yes, but also hysterical and a great example for working moms everywhere. I'm not a mom myself, but if I ever am, I hope to have a successful career and a grounded family life too. And as much fun as you have everyday!

Even if we never meet, simply by reading this letter (or having your assistant read it or some show intern), you are a part of the blog. So, thanks for that.

And thanks for keeping America (and Canada) laughing each morning. You’re the best!


Stephanie Gallman

P.S. Check out the blog:

So that was the letter that I wrote, and later sent. A little stalkerish and weird, I know, but I’m confident she gets way weirder messages than this everyday.



  1. I know Day 191 was in April. Have you heard from her yet? That would be awesome and if she responds that would make me like her even more.
    Nice letter.

  2. I am sure her "people" are after me, first, before they would suspect you of stalking.
    Love the blog!!

  3. P.S. Let us know when you get a reply. Or if she mentions this on air. It seems like something she would likely share with Reeg and the rest of America

  4. I love this one! I love Kelly Ripa too. :) I hope you get a mention on air at the very least!!!

  5. I bet if nothing else, you will get an autograph picture! That would be cool! :)

  6. did you actually make contact with psychic rose from house wives of Atlanta? if so how can i reach her? you can email me at