Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 165: I'm (Not Really) Lovin' It

On Day 165, I began a four-day stretch of working the overnights at my job.

As much as I would love to dive into a multiple paragraph tirade about how much I hate working through the night and how horrible it is for both my physical and emotional health, I cannot, as I have worked the overnights before.

Instead, I did something else on Day 165 that I’ve never done before. Something completely void of creativity or personality. I tried one of McDonald’s new specialty coffee drinks.

Give me a break, ok? I still had jet lag, and I was headed into a full night of work when everyone else was headed home to go to sleep. I was desperate.

I’m a bit skeptical of the fast food restaurant movement into other food and beverage genres. First it was Wendy’s and their Asian chicken nuggets (if I want Chinese, I’ll order take out), Taco Bell with their diet menu (seriously, if I’m eating Taco Bell, I’m not thinking about dieting), and now McDonald’s and these fancy coffee drinks.

They’ve got a lock on so many other things: Big Macs, French Fries, Happy Meals. I don’t understand why the need to branch out into a genre that is already been handled by other corporate giants just like them. They should leave the gourmet coffee to someone else.

I pulled up to the drive thru and ordered a cappuccino, though I’m not really sure why because that’s not usually not my coffee drink of choice. I guess I figured if I was taking a chance on McDonald’s, I’d go ahead and take a chance on cappuccinos too.

What did it taste like, you ask? It tastes exactly like I expected a McDonald’s cappuccino to taste. Not terrible, but not great. A little too sweet for my tastes, almost like it was trying to hard.

McDonald's shouldn’t make specialty coffee drinks. Not because they can’t pull it off and successfully produce a tasty caffeinated beverage.

But because they should, in my opinion, stick to being McDonald’s. They’re good at it. And no one knows better than me, you can’t be good at everything.


  1. The McD's here by my house uses old coffee my neighbor told me. The pot that has been sitting for a while. I know it always taste burnt the few times I tried it.

  2. Agreed. I tried the mocha when I got a freebie coupon in the mail (b/c, really, if it's free caffeine who am I to turn that down). It was way, way overly sweet & goopy. I'll stick to my diet coke & greasy biscuit breakfast sandwich when I need a fix, tyvm.