Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 236: Thank You, Google

On Day 236, I was tired. And extremely uninspired to do something new. I wasn't inspired to do anything, really.
Just when I thought the thing that I've never done before was going to be, "Order takeout from Baja Fresh," which I did and it was delicious (thank you Amanda for that idea), Google came through at the last minute.

Actually Team Temecula came through first, directing me to Google, where the day was saved from completely lameness.

That’s right, the same team that inspired the Ms. Pac-Man Halloween costume, forced me to dress up like a strawberry, and flooded my email inbox for weeks leading up to our trip out west, was now alerting to me to the fact that Day 236 was the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man. And to celebrate, Google's logo had become a mini-version of the popular arcade game.

Naturally, then, Day 236’s thing I’ve never done before was to waste an embarrassing amount of time at work by playing it.

I'm about as good at Pac-Man as I am at any other video games, but I didn't let my lack of skills stop me. The game reminded me of my childhood, of being at Festival 8, and of how truly ahead of our time Team Temecula was with our costume choice.
Thank you, Team Temecula. And Google. And Amanda.

If you missed the chance to play the Google/Pac-Man game on the 30th Anniversary, it's not too late. The game is still being offered here.


  1. your lack of video game skills will be even more evident when the buck hunter blog gets posted. and you are welcome.

  2. oh, man! what a blast! i was happy to make it thru one screen and decided i'd quit while i was ahead, and before i got hooked and night turned into day... :) THANKS!

  3. I played it for quite a while on that day, it was GREAT! I love all the great things that google puts on their search page. My favorite was the Sesame Street Anniversary week!