Thursday, July 22, 2010

DAY 300

Friends and Blog Readers--

Saturday is Day 300 of this experience and I have NO ideas for what to do as the thing I've never done before. I've been reluctant to ask for help because now you can see how terribly far behind I am on writing and posting the blog.

But I need your help, so there it is: I'm almost 80 days behind on writing.

How can I celebrate Day 300? I'm open to suggestions. Please.


  1. I have always wanted to try floatation therapy. You could be my guinea pig!


  2. Pre Qualify to buy a house. I will do it for free! Also be proud of yourself for what you have done new and exciting

  3. Write 5 blogs in one day. You've never done that before and we could all enjoy a marathon blog. Eighty days behind--Oh,my! That means we'll be reading about your birthday in December. I like that, because I hate to see the blogging end in September.
    Love, MOM

  4. sounds kinda lame after all you've done, but have you eaten at the Varsity?
    how about sing/dance/read to a nursing home group?
    walk backwards everywhere you go?
    i like the floatation therapy!
    you have done an amazing job so far - i see how difficult this is...

  5. Thank you for all of your ideas. I couldn't find flotation therapy in Atlanta, Janet! Boo! It sounded awesome. I'm thinking about belly dancing, unless something else presents itself.