Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 225: Vacation Brain

Proving that my mind was still on vacation, I showed up for work at the wrong time on Day 225 as the thing that I've never done before.

Not late, as you might suspect.

Oversleeping after vacationing for two weeks would've been embarrassing, but at least would've made a little bit of sense. But I've overslept for work more than once in my lifetime and definitely showed up later than I was supposed to.

This time, though I actually came in early. A whopping four hours early. Not the best way to kick off my first week back after a two-week vacation, and I could've used that four hours to sleep or work out or do laundry. But I was already dressed and at work, so I ran a couple of errands and spent the rest of the extra time deleting the onslaught of emails that had arrived when I was traveling.

I blamed my early arrival on just being really excited to get to work and tell everyone about my trip and show them my tan.

That's a lie. I'm an idiot who misread my email.