Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 290: Too Much B.B. King

On Day 290, after getting my hair cut at the bank with my boyfriend/hairdresser Moses, I met my friend Dayton and her family at Shorty's Pizza on North Druid Hills in Atlanta as the thing I've never done before.

Shorty's is tucked in the back of a Toco Hills strip mall next to a health club (just so you can feel extra awesome about yourself while eating pizza), but don't let its location fool you. Shorty's is not a typical strip mall restaurant and had all the ambiance of a quaint college-town pizzeria.

Apparently trying steak on Day 289 had made me feel particularly adventurous, because despite feeling sick most of the day, I carefully perused their overwhelming menu, and ordered, of all things, the "B.B. King pizza."

I truly do not know what possessed me to order a pizza covered in shaved BBQ pork tenderloin, cilantro, goat cheese, “czr” salad on top.

I like all of those ingredients, separate from each other and not as pizza toppings, but there are so many questions I have about my choice now that the dining experience is over.

First of all, what do any of these ingredients have to do with B.B. King? Perhaps these are his favorite pizza toppings? Makes sense, he's a hefty dude. Secondly, what is a "czr" salad? Are you trying to say "Caesar?" Are you aware that "Caesar" only has three more letters than "czr" and is a hell of a lot clearer?

And lastly, why did I order this pizza? What was I trying to prove? It didn't taste bad, there was way too much going on. I looked longingly at Dayton's veggie pizza and wished I'd chosen differently.

Maybe too much of a good thing really is possible. Sorry, B.B. King. I love your music, but your pizza needs some work.


  1. Ha! Your last line reminds me of the final scene of "Center Stage" when Jody says to Cooper, "Cooper, you are an amazing dancer, but as a kinda suck."

  2. hilarious. shorty's is a great spot! however, i, too, have wondered how they arrive at their pizza names. i recall the david bowie is quite delicious, not that i can remember what's on it?!