Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 267: Conserving Nature, Kind Of

I woke up early and drove back to Wilmington to got back from the beach just in time to go straight back to work. Not much time to do something I'd never done before.

Feeling particularly nostalgic about the beach, I participated in the Save the Gulf Oil Spill Telethon on Larry King Live and donated money to the Nature Conservancy as Day 267's thing I've never done before.

I've said before that this blog has made me the most self-centered I've ever been in my life, always thinking about writing and doing new things. Simultaneously, though, it has also made me the most charitable than I've ever been. When the ideas are stagnant, donate money! I'm happy that I have had my eyes opened to new organizations who are working towards the greater good.

I am not happy with the fact that I am now on yet another mailing list and have since the time of my donation, been bombarded by an influx of emails and snail mail. Is it just me, or do weekly mailings from an organization called the "Nature Conservancy," seem a little inappropriate? I'm trying not to judge, but I fear my $50 donation may have already, and not to help the Gulf, but on postage for these mail-outs.

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