Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 345: You Can Recycle That?

Day 345's thing I've never done before was to recycle my old cell phone and all of its accessories.

I've burned through quite a few phones and work Blackberries (and cameras, but that's a whole other story). I have racked up a plethora of phones and accessories that have been cluttering my house, and my life. I don't know why I've held on to them, as if some day they would just start working again, and that I would need all 8 chargers to give them power.

Donating my phone and accessories was easy for me because my bank has a cell phone donation drop box, so I didn't have to go out my way to find a place to do this. But there are plenty of organizations who accept old cell phones, even broken ones.

What happens to them during the "recycling" process, I truly can't tell you, but I think the organization either restores the broken phones and sells them, or breaks them down and uses the parts that still function. I felt good that these parts that could've ended up in the trash won't be littering a landfill.

And before you make comments on my last cell phone and how it looks like it's from 1989, please understand that my current cell phone isn't much better. Just like my television, I enjoy the classics.

I realize now, after completing this last challenge, that I really should've tagged all of the environmentally friendly activities I did for the year because there really have been a lot.

I walked to work, I planted azalea plants in Grant Park, I tried to compost. I had really made a small difference while trying new things, and it felt good.