Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 287: They're Just O.K.

Day 287's thing I've never done before was to make the black bean burgers I intended to make on Day 283 but never did because I abandoned my grocery cart in Kroger.

The diner where I work makes really good black bean burgers and when I noticed I'd eaten them three different times in one week, I started to wonder if I could make a comparable burger at home. So I went to the Food Network website to get a recipe, went to the store, and made them.

(Disappointing sigh.)

They were just okay. I mean, I followed the recipe, I made black bean burgers. And they weren't terrible, but overall, I was unimpressed.

Perhaps my inability to execute the task on Day 283 had nothing to do with my needing to leave the store early; maybe it was the universe's way of saying, "Don't make this recipe because it's really not that good."

I think I'm going to let the ladies at the diner make my black bean burgers from now on, unless someone can give me another black bean recipe?

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