Monday, July 22, 2013

independence day.

Well thanks to all of YOU, my dreams of becoming a super model have been realized.  I won the Sandpiper contest and a $200 gift certificate to my favorite store.


In sincere gratitude for your votes, how about some pictures from July 4th?  Jacob and I spent the holiday with his family at their home in Debordieu, a beach community just south of Pawley's Island, South Carolina.


Everyone in Debordieu celebrates Independence Day in a big way - like a morning golf cart parade>afternoon beach games>evening picnic>nighttime corn hole - kind of way. 


Really nothing says "freedom" like a military flyover and a golf cart disguised as an alligator, am I right?


We soaked up every ounce of sun, sand, beer and wine the weekend had to offer, and capped it off with a trip to Lake Murray to see my parents on the way back.

One set of parents at the beach, and another set at the lake?  Hard not to feel lucky about that. 


Also, we forced invited my parents to watch a Phish concert when we were at their house.  I'm not so sure they were impressed.  They didn't get up and leave, but they weren't exactly moved like we were.  My dad had the best line of the night, however, when he said, pointing at Jon Fishman, "So does that guy always wear the donuts?"

An instant Chuck Gallman classic.