Friday, June 7, 2013

vacation steph.

Happy Summer Blog Friends!

For those of you out of work and out of school for a little while - congratulations on choosing a gig that gives you a two month break in the middle of the year.  I tip my hat to you.  My days of having summers off are long over, but I still look forward to this time of year.  

Oppressively hot days by the pool, boozy nights at the beach, concert tours, barbecues, seafood - what's not to love?

Yes, the lazy days of summer are here - emphasis on the word, "lazy."

My creativity seems to have slowed considerably in the last few weeks, hence the lull in blog posts.  After a brutally busy winter and spring at work, I have never looked more forward to the start of summer - a Memorial Day vacation specifically - than I did this year.

Not because I was doing anything particularly special.  Jacob and I went to Charleston, which is where I've spent nearly every Memorial Day for the past decade; then we went to Pawley's Island where his parents live.

Hardly the exotic vacation I've been dreaming about.  This was an extended weekend to South Carolina - where I grew up; where I lived most of my life; where my people are.  We certainly weren't crossing things off our bucket lists.

I grilled out, I sat in the sun, I played beach games and drank cold beer.

I watched golf on television and napped on the couch.  I took a boat ride and sipped cocktails at sunset.

I went to bed early and slept late; I played tennis, I played golf, I played bocce ball all on the same day.  Hardcore.


In other words, I did things I've done my entire life in the state where I grew up.  Absolutely nothing was fancy, absolutely nothing was new.

But absolutely everything was wonderful.

I started this blog on the premise of doing new things every single day as a way to soak up every last minute of my 20's.  Project 29 to 30 forced me to step out of my comfort zone; I ate different foods, traveled the world, learned new skills.  It was a year for which I have no regrets; one I'll never forget.  

However, the farther I'm removed from that experience, the more I am convinced that the thrill-seeking, spontaneous element of my personality - the traits that moved me to tackle such an ambitious project - they might've have also been the source of much distress for me over the years.

Perhaps it's maturity, or maybe just a cocktail induced revelation, but my completely chill Memorial Day weekend reminded me of what I'd started to suspect since turning 30: true contentment isn't made up of shiny new experiences and constant change, but instead finding beauty in our everyday, predictable lives.

Don't get me wrong - I'm already gunning for an exotic vacation that requires a plane ride and a passport - traveling is one of my true passions in life that brings me much happiness.

But surrounded by the calm of the ocean and the people that I love - there is much happiness there too.  Of that I am sure.


Last week, I felt completely relaxed - like a person I don't even know.

Vacation Steph.  She's tan, she's happy, she's (for the most part) anxiety-free.

Earlier this week, my friend Emily asked me what I was doing next weekend and I told her I was going to the beach.

"Weren't you just at the beach?" she asked me.

"Yep," I replied.

Consistency is key.

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  1. love this post. and love that picture of you and your man :)