Friday, July 12, 2013

many, many thanks.

Wow.  Thank you so much. 

Rarely am I at a loss for words, but your sweet comments about Tuesday's post (I'm gonna be an aunt!) and your willingness to "like" my pseudo-modeling picture have truly overwhelmed me this week in the best way possible.

Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and this blog - the fact that you're not completely sick of me is remarkable.  I'm a bit sick of myself to be honest.

When my friend Kyle asked me if I would participate in a Facebook contest for her clothing store, The Sandpiper, we laughed about it together on the phone.

"Self-promotion?  Pictures of myself on Internet?!  Duh, of course I'll do it," I joked.

We joked, because Kyle and I lately have both felt disgusted with Facebook - specifically the tendency of certain individuals to share every single detail/emotion/picture of their lives as they are happening in real time.

A picture of myself, pleading for votes?  Participating in Kyle's request meant I'd have to become the very person I'd come to loathe.

Sure, sharing details, emotions, and pictures is a part of what I do as a blogger, but I assure you the sometimes intimate details of my life are never shared in haste (and pretty much never in real time) - and though the grammatical errors might lead you to believe otherwise, I'm actually quite thoughtful with the things I write about and the pictures I post. 

Moreover, I really don't love pictures of myself - especially ones where I'm alone or worse - the dreaded selfie.  Side note: Stop it with the selfies, America.

Plus, despite all evidence to the contrary, I really have a hard time with self-promotion. 

I do enjoy the spectacle of social media, however, and I'm all about new experiences and I've always wanted to be a fashion model - so dress up and pose for a picture?  Well, sure! Anything for a friend! 

The photo shoot at the Sandpiper was, in a word, hilarious.  I've shopped at the store for years (and if you're in Atlanta, you should too) and am used to Kyle giving me the royal stylist treatment.  But this time, in addition to dressing me up, she also served as photographer - giving me tips on how to pose, shaking her head in disgust when I would mess with my hair, and at least once, physically moving my chin to do what she wanted it to.


There were a lot of laughs and even more joking (but not really joking?) about me using my extensive social network to beat out the other ladies who had subjected themselves to such scrutiny.  It's certainly too soon to tell whether or not I'll be the winner, but the shares, the likes, the sweet comments were worth it regardless.

So, thank you very much.

And if you haven't already "liked" my picture - you can do so here.  And if you're in Atlanta, go visit the Pipettes at the Sandpiper. 


I'm staying in town this weekend, with absolutely no plans, which makes me very happy and thankful, though admittedly I already miss the sand beneath my feet.

What are YOU up to?