Tuesday, July 9, 2013

big. breaking. news.

How about that title for the ultimate tease?!  Can you stand it?!

What could I possibly have to say that could actually live up to the words: big. breaking. news.?

After all, I'm certainly not above tricking people people to read this blog.  I have little shame - I'd definitely lure you in with a big dramatic title that may or may not live up to the hype.

But this one, at least for me, really is big.

In addition to my hilarious mom being done with radiation treatment for breast cancer (big enough news on its own), I am so excited to tell you that come November, a sixth person will be making a debut into this insanity. . .


That's right, people - I'm going to be an AUNT! 

And . . .


Say wha?  Can you imagine the amount of spoiling that is about to take place?

Even I can't imagine it sometimes - it's hard to think about another little person in our crazy family.  But I'm so very excited that my brother and Katie are going to be parents, my parents are going to be grandparents,  and that I will soon get to live out all the dreams I've had about being a legit crazy aunt.

Needless to say, my July 4th holiday was pretty spectacular, and not just because I was relaxing at the beach (those pictures to come).

How was your holiday?


  1. Congrats! I have to admit, at first I was holding my breath for you to announce that YOU were pregnant!

    1. HA! I think being an aunt is all I can take right now. Kids of my own = scary thought.

  2. Are you going to any phish shows this summer?

    1. I'm headed to Alpharetta next week. What about you?

  3. Just Chicago three nights. Congrats on becoming an aunt.

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