Wednesday, July 24, 2013

she's come a long way.

Remember Cindy, my friend from childhood whose art is being featured at the Coastal Living Show House on Daniel Island?

This is us in high school, '95-'96-ish, tailgating before a Carolina game in the Olympia parking lot, likely up to no good.

photo (19)

We've certainly come a long way.

Most importantly, we don't wear business casual to football games anymore.  (Nice vest, geek!)

But also, we've discovered our passions and are pursuing them passionately.  Her with painting, and me with writing.  

Tomorrow, Cindy's passion will be out on display in Mt. Pleasant at her art show.


To say I'm proud of her might imply that I had anything to do with her talent and her success, and clearly that's not the case.  Yet, I am proud. 

Mostly, though, I'm just so very excited for her.   

I always knew she'd go on to do great things - I mean, back in high school she managed to make a Nissan Stanza Wagon look cool.  And that's hard to do.


But her very own art show?  Well, that's big.

Congrats, Cindy! I wish I could be there.

Charleston peeps - please go check out her art show.  Non-Charleston peeps - you can check her art out here

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