Friday, November 6, 2015

thankful, week one.

Helllllllllo friends.  I'm getting back on the blogging train with my own version of the "30 Days of Thankful" project. Others are listing their gratitude daily on Facebook, but my idea, other than to light a fire under my lazy blogging ass, is to blog each week a list of the things I'm thankful for - one for each day of November. 

1. Halloween success. 

I hesitate to go as far as to say, "I'm thankful for Halloween," since I've never been and am still not a huge fan of the holiday.  I'll celebrate if the opportunity presents itself, but unless there is an obvious reason (like, Phish, for example) to celebrate, I usually don't bother.  Enter my friend Shelley inviting Jacob and me to a couples costume party, forcing me out of Halloween retirement for us to recreate Duckie and Andie from the 1980's cult classic film, Pretty in Pink.  I think we nailed it.


My own amazing mom, aka "Becky Homecky" made my dress, for which I'm also extremely thankful, despite the fact that being asked by her 35-year old daughter to make her Halloween costume was probably at the very least disappointing, if not completely upsetting.  Thanks, Mom.    

2. This video.

I am so very thankful for my niece and this video.  (And pretty much everything she says and does ever and always for the rest of time.)

3. Family Feud.

I've been a fan of Family Feud since I can remember.  I even went to see a live taping of the show which definitely warranted a blog post that I sadly never wrote.  Ask me for the hilarious details the next time you see me.  Though he claims he was a fan before he met me, I've now dragged Jacob down my weird game show-watching spiral.  We like to play along with the families and enjoy the antics of host Steve Harvey.   

The entertainment value of the show rose exponentially this week, when a contestant gave the answer "private parts," and this is the answer that the board showed:


I am so thankful for the belly laughs this has elicited out of me.  I guess Family Feud isn't so "family friendly" anymore? Can you guess what the question was based on these answers?


4. EveryDollar.

I'm a closeted fan of the syndicated radio host/financial guru Dave Ramsey.  While I don't talk about my own journey with financial independence and being debt-free, I'm a very thankful for and very happy to share that I think Ramsey's budgeting tool "EveryDollar" is fantastic.  Since I live alone and am single, I make all of my financial decisions for myself, by myself.  For better or worse, I've never really felt a need to make a "budget."  But after downloading this app and keeping track of my money each month, I've never been more aware of how and where I spend my paycheck and as a result, I'm saving more than ever.  Even if you're not a Ramsey fan, I highly recommend. 

5. My sweet South Carolina.

This has been a tough year for my home state.  I've shared my immense pride for how we've handled ourselves when forced into the spotlight of major news.  From the Charleston shooting, of which I've already shared my thoughts, to the recent Columbia flooding, the people from my state continue to impress me and make me so thankful for the community where I was raised. 

My friend Liza lost nearly everything in the flood, but continues to exude a positive attitude,  resilience and an unbelievable sense of humor, posting pictures on Facebook of the clean up:

It's no wonder so many people came out in support of Liza, donating to a fund to help her and her family rebuild.  If you're so inclined, you can still donate.

6. Leon Bridges.

One word: swoon.  Leon Bridges is everything that's good about music right now and if you haven't heard this soulful singer that even your parents will love, I implore you to download his album immediately, or just watch this video.  

If you're sold, and why wouldn't you be (?), he's coming back to Atlanta in March at the Tabernacle.  Get your tickets.  I promise you won't regret it.  Jacob and I took his mom to the Variety Playhouse and we were floored.  He's the real deal.


I hope you're full of gratitude this Thanksgiving season.  I'll be back next week with seven more things I'm very thankful for - I hope you'll be back too.

Have a great weekend!


  1. leon is the man!

    p.s. looove the halloween costumes.