Monday, February 25, 2013

sick and tired. but not like that.

I spent this weekend sick in bed.  I called in sick to work Friday and didn't leave the house for more than 48 hours.  In every way, it was vastly different from last weekend when I was living it up, going to concerts and celebrating birthdays.

On Saturday night, I was restless, but still tired.  I felt disgusting from having watched hours of television on the couch, and so bored I wanted to cry.

So naturally, I did what every modern woman does - I went to social media to fill the void.  I snapped this picture and posted it on Instagram, hoping it would solicit the sympathy I needed.


Within moments, I had some likes and a few "feel betters."

Mission accomplished, I thought.  I did feel better.

Until my friend Natalie pointed out how relieved she was that what she first thought was a pregnancy test was, in fact, just a thermometer.


Not exactly the attention I was seeking.