Friday, February 1, 2013

a few of my favorite things.

I had a really bad day yesterday.  There wasn't one specific cause or reason, I just was in a funk.  The cried-in-my-car-on-the-way-home-from-work-and-scared-people-at-stoplights kind of funk.   

After reading The Happiness Project, I should've known that an unexplainable bad mood can usually be remedied if instead of focusing on my sadness, I focus my thoughts on the people and the things for which I feel gratitude.

I didn't do that.

Instead, I took my mind and my body to my couch and my television for several hours of mindless television.

I woke up feeling moderately better and more determined to finish this post I'd been thinking about for a while after my friend and fellow blogger Shelley made her own list. 

Here is a post about some of my favorite things right now.

Fancy Workout Attire 

Like the iPhone, it took me awhile to come around to the idea of spending lots of money on clothes for the gym.  I mean, what's the point?

Growing up in the dance world, I took pride in seeing how disgusting my rehearsal attire could look.  The more Flashdancey the better, I suppose.  I carried that attitude into my post-dancer, adult runner/yogi world.
I'd delved first into the world nice workout attire last fall with a legging/skirt combo from Athleta at the urging of a friend who swears by them.  I followed with my first pair of Lululemon yoga pants I received as a gift for Christmas.

Admittedly, it was a challenge to fork over so much money on clothes that only I and my yoga class would ever see.  

But there's something about high quality workout attire that sucks me in in all the right places that makes me feel confident when I'm bending my body in strange ways.  Plus it makes post-workout errands feel a bit less embarrassing because the sweat wicks right off so no one at the store knows you just got my ass kicked by doing poses called, "tree" and "pigeon."

The draw back of Lululemon and Athleta and others like them - I'm not gonna sugarcoat it - is that their merchandise is expensive.  It's all relative, I suppose, but these clothes will run you more than, say, Target's workout attire.  I probably wouldn't tell my mom how much they cost because she would just roll her eyes at the frivolousness of high quality clothes that I'll only wear for jogging, stretching and sweating. 

Maybe they are frivolous, but like a good haircut or new shoes, fancy workout pants are an instant mood (and butt) lifter - and I think we can all get behind that.


Warby Parker

Warby Parker is a super hip online eye wear boutique.   Like the shoe brand Tom's, every time Warby Parker sells a pair of glasses, they will donate a pair to someone in need.

Love their social consciousness, almost as much as I love the fact that they'll let you try on up to five frames for free.  As many times as you want.  Because let's face it, some people (like me) are indecisive and eyeglasses are a difficult thing to purchase without trying them on.  Just pick out some frames  your order and they'll ship you a box for free.  When you're done trying them on, just ship them back.  Again, for free.

I did this three times before I made a decision.

When I finally did settle on the Sinclair Burgundy Fade,  I placed my order and they did the rest.  They contacted my eye doctor for my prescription and my glasses arrived in the mail a week later.  The whole process was super simple, and did I mention CHEAP?  The cost of my frames, lenses were less than $150, and that's even including the ultra thin lenses required for my ultra bad vision.

The affordability and excellent customer service help make committing to over-sized nerd chic a lot easier to do.


Wisteria and Rosebud 

I have never been able to name my favorite restaurant in Atlanta -  they are just too many that are wonderful for different reasons.  My favorite depends on the time, the hour, the food I'm most in the mood for at that moment.

I have had two spectacular meals already this year - one at Wisteria in Inman Park, and the other at Rosebud in the Highlands.

So those two are my favorites.  Today. Right now.


Listerine Total Care Anti-Cavity

Perhaps that mouthwash made the list of my top five favorite things right now could explain why I was in a funk yesterday.  How lame!

But seriously, I've been obsessed with dental hygiene since I can remember thanks to my Dad, who probably asked me, "Did you brush your teeth?" as many times as he told me he loved me, which was a lot.  I'm pretty sure I was the only elementary school kid who actually looked forward to going to the dentist.

Listerine Total Care boasts six benefits including building enamel, fighting cavities and freshening breath.  I know this is usually never a good thing to say about anything pertaining to the body, but it actually burns a little when I use it, which makes me think it's really working to clean every nook and cranny and leaving no gum unturned.

My teeth look the same, but my mouth feels so fresh and so clean. 


Southwest Airlines

I must preface everything I'm about to say about Southwest Airlines by telling you I've never actually flown Southwest Airlines.

The reason that I love Southwest is because after booking a flight for a concert that was later canceled, I have changed this ticket no less than three times without any hassle whatsoever and without paying one extra penny.

I realize my whole opinion of them could change once I actually fly their airline, but so far Southwest seems to cater to uncertain, flaky, cheap travelers like me, and for those reasons alone, I love them.


Socially conscious (and cheap), stylish glasses and a no-hassle airline?  Tasty, fun restaurants and fancy workout clothes?  Purple mouthwash?

There, I feel better.