Thursday, February 14, 2013

on valentine's day and on lent.

Happy Valentine's Day, Lovers.

Based on the barrage of angry Tweets and Facebook posts I've already seen today, I think it's safe to say I'm in the minority of people who actually enjoy February 14th.

I'm not sure why so much disdain for any holiday, much less one devoted to love and friendship and candy.

I've seen the "I don't need a day to remind me to tell my lover how I feel!" battle cry and I think it's stupid.

I don't need St. Patrick's Day to remind me that drinking beer during the day is a fun thing to do, but a yearly reminder every March 17th doesn't hurt.  It's just fun.


I happen to love Valentine's Day.

Even the years when I had no Valentine - which far surpass the years that I did - I have always enjoyed the cheery and festive feeling of the holiday.

I get into all of the romance stuff, which is surprising to even me, considering I'm a cynical person and skeptical about warm fuzzy feelings and emotions. If I wasn't me, I'd totally have myself pegged as someone who hates all of the flowers and candy and sweet cards, but I really do love it.

If Valentine's Day isn't your thing, it's cool - I understand.

Hating so-called Hallmark Holidays is en vogue, and that's fine, but please spare me the fake disgust about how commercialized it is and about it's a made-up holiday. All holidays are commercialized. And many of them are made-up.

They are also fun and they don't hurt anybody.  So get on board!

If you're still not buying the love fest I'm selling, then perhaps a nudge to do something in honor of this day might help warm your cold, dark heart.

Today is the two-month anniversary of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  A non-profit Sandy Hook Promise is asking all Americans to keep the community of Newtown in their hearts.  You can send your love and support their way - click here and be one of the million hearts for Newtown.

There's also a global movement to stop violence against women - there are a multitude of ways to get involved.  Find out how here.

Or just go to and play with their heart-themed amusement park logo.

In the spirit of love, I was intrigued yesterday by many blog and other social media posts I read about Lent.  I heard some courageous people giving up caffeine, Facebook (!!!!), self-doubt and other things that "interfere with their connection to God."  

I'm not Catholic, and don't really participate in abstaining from anything during the season of Lent, but I like the idea of using these 40 days and 40 nights to add a positive behavior into my life.  So while continuing to choose love and be kinder, I plan on spending the Lenten season making a concerted effort to write daily.

My efforts could mean more blog posts (lucky you!) - but I'm fully aware it might not amount to anything.  I hope it will help me refocus my energy and achieve more of the balance I have been seeking.

Happy Valentine's Day and Lenten season to all you lovers and fasters out there.


  1. I now want to log on to Google and try the game!

    I should try to write more in Lent as well...I give up french fries every year, then get drunk and forget I gave them up. LIke clock-work.

    HUGS Gallman! xoxo

  2. I too am a Valentine's day lover. It's just a fun holiday. What's wrong with a little reminder to make you celebrate the people you love?

  3. I love you Steph!!!