Wednesday, January 23, 2013

are you %$!@ kidding me?

Like I said, I've had a change of heart about January.

I no longer see it as the wasted month of dreary weather and post-holiday boredom.

In fact, I've been using January an opportunity to improve my life, improve my happiness, and get a grip on my finances. I was plowing through all of my bills and setting up auto-pay on the computer and then my health insurance company hit me with this ridiculous message and I honestly wanted to throw in the towel.

Change Username/Password 

PLEASE NOTE: Changes made here only affect the login on the Claims Inquiry System. If you wish to change your PIN on the Investment Inquiry System you will need to make changes after logging in to the Investment Manager. 

Your Password has expired and you must change it before entering the website.  

Your new Password must: 

  • Contain at least one uppercase letter (Annoying, but reasonable.)
  • Contain at least one numeric character (Fine.)
  • Contain at least one special character, excluding # - * ( & % (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • Be 8 to 18 characters in length (Who has an 18 character password? I will slap you.)
  • Not be the same as your Login Name (Not sure I needed to be reminded of this, but thanks.)
  • Be different than your previous 10 passwords (TEN passwords?  TEN? bang. head. against. desk.)

First ensure that your login name value is in the Login Name text box then enter your new password, confirm it (re-enter the new password in the Confirm New Password text box) and click "Save Changes" below. (Yeah, yeah, yeah.)

You will be required to enter this new login name/password each time you subsequently enter the website.  (I hate you all!!!!!)


  1. Try apps that save your passwords. Evernote etc ...
    I imagine the average person roams through life now with more than 20 passwords ...

  2. HAHA! Stephen and I literally have an e-mail chain going back and forth between us for this exact reason. We can never remember what we change it to. In fact I got an e-mail from him today with the new password! Hint: it contains numbers, letters, caps & !!!!!

  3. Must include a haiku, a gang sign, NOT include the symbol that used to be Prince's name (too obvious), and as many digits of pi as you can calculate in your head.

  4. Omgoodness!!! I would have thought there were hidden cameras...craziness!!