Monday, March 11, 2013


After screwing up nearly every single picture at her baby shower, imagine my shock when my friend Momo asked me if I would take pictures at her daughter Sullivan's first birthday party.  I'm truly not sure what she was thinking, but before she came to her senses, I enthusiastically said yes and then immediately started practicing my skills, taking pictures of random things around my house.

When Saturday rolled around, I was ready.  I was like the birthday paparazzi.


Absolutely no one was safe.


I may have appeared borderline creepy, taking rapid-fire pictures of all the kids, most of whom I don't know and whose parents I didn't know either, but I'm happy to report I think my photography class finally paid off. 


It certainly didn't hurt that Sullivan is one of the most beautiful, most relaxed babies I've ever met.  She happily got passed from one family member and friend to the next without a care in the world.  She made it easy for me.


Happy Birthday little one.

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