Monday, March 18, 2013

after the final rose.

Shaking off the fun of the weekend to dive head first into the demands of a new week is always difficult – that’s why most people, myself included, hate Mondays. But today it feels particularly trying because everybody’s favorite six-week game show that ends with a marriage proposal - The Bachelor - is now over.

I feel a little empty this Monday - knowing that my weekly dose of crazy won’t be on tonight to get the week started off with a bang.

My friends and I sent the insanity off in style, gathering last week at Trish’s house for my first ever Bachelor Finale party. This was an idea that was cooked up back in January when most of my girls’ dinner was occupied with discussions about the show.

We talked about fun it would be to watch the finale together and Trish agreed to host.

Then we took it several steps further – suggesting women at the party wear evening gowns and men wear suits.

“We should have drinking games!” someone proposed, drinking every time anyone on the show says, “for the right reasons,” or “strong connection.”

Trish said she'd present each person with a rose as they walked through her front door.


We all agreed to bring our beverages of choice, and an appetizer to share (though I suggested we not eat at all in honor of the contestants) to enjoy the end of this truly magical season together.

I usually don't like watching television with large groups - I'm ADD and it's hard for me to focus on what's happening when people are talking or cracking jokes around me. Indeed, it was hard for me to pay attention to watching the Bachelor Finale, but watching this show with my friends was like watching television with a live Twitter feed.

The commentary was impeccable.

photo (1)

From the awkward meeting of the parents (and admiration of Sean's dad's use of pastels in his wardrobe) and speculation on who the mysterious letter was from, we talked (and joked) about it all.

My friend Donald admitted he was only watching The Bachelor as part of his research for the return of the salacious series Bachelor Pad this summer.

I call(ed) bullshit on that, but the Bachelor Pad is trash television at his finest, so I let it slide.

We agreed that Lindsey's tattoos ("Is that an anchor on her foot? Is it a rosebush?") and Catherine's nose ring seemed unfitting for Sean, the born-again beefy virgin.

We all chose sides. Well, some of us (hand raised) had already been told by someone that Catherine was going to win, so I didn't participate in that conversation. But I did like her the best – mainly because she did NOT wear a wedding gown on the first episode.

We argued about whether or not Catherine was attractive. Several of us, myself included, said, without a doubt, YES. She's a hottie.

Kyle pointed out, "She looks like Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years!"

Mark, who already stated his admiration and allegiance for Team Lindsey, said we were crazy. Not only is she not hot, she's unattractive.

"If she walked into my office," he said confidently, "I wouldn't give her a second look."

To which his wife Trish fired back, "Mark, I've been to your office and yes you would give her a second look."

The other guys suckered into attending our party didn’t seem to have terribly strong feelings about Catherine's attractiveness, but since they each work side by side with men every day at a paving company, a utility company and a pipe company, they easily abandoned Mark and agreed regardless of her hot factor, if Catherine walked into their offices, they would, in fact, take a look.


Sometimes the conversations were deeper.

Do you really think it’s possible to be in love with two people at the same time?

Scott immediately shouted, "Yes," to which his wife Maribeth said, "Thanks, honey."

But I have to agree with him – when falling in love is the only thing to do, no work, no responsibilities except deciding what cocktail to order and what bikini to wear in (insert tropical and exotic locale here), I think I could fall in love with many people, multiple times, all at the same time, again and again.

I might not decide to actually marry them, but I’m weird like that I guess.

I was the only one who actually followed through on our plans to wear evening gowns for our Final Rose party, which was borderline embarrassing, but also won me the "First Impression Rose."

I was elated.

The fun for now is over – we’ll have to wait until Des makes her debut as the Bachelorette or until the best show of the summer Bachelor Pad comes back on the scene.

Till then, we’ll only have Sean’s appearances on Dancing with the Stars to aid us as we ruminate on whether or not he is, indeed a fame whore, as suggested by many and whether this relationship is truly made to last.

Or as Maribeth still insists (even on Saturday, almost a full week later), whether or not, “Sean completely knows Catherine is way cooler than he is, but it’s Lindsey who actually loves him!!!!”

Seriously, she said that.


  1. I think this is the first blog I didn't finish reading all the way through. The Bachelor: I just can't.

  2. tonight was super depressing with no bach...but this post did ease the blow.