Friday, January 11, 2013

the ranch, part three.

Blogs, by definition, are self-serving.

I write about my life and my friends because I like it and it makes me happy.   That others have found some interest in what I have to say (172 followers, baby!) is the extra sweet icing on an already sweet cake.

Yet there is always a desire, at least for me, to connect my life's experiences to the larger, more universal themes that exist in the world.  The posts that seem to garner the most reaction and feedback are those that are less specific about me and my life and more about the world and the common experiences we all share.

This is not one of those posts.

I spent New Year's Eve with many of the same characters that also traveled to Elizabeth's wedding on the ranch. We had fun and I was so happy to see them. Hearing all of the stories and sharing more laughs also made me feel guilty that I never finished blogging about the ranch.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, feel free to catch up (ranch, part one & ranch, part two).  I thought about delving into a long post full of inside jokes, offensive stories and pretty pictures that only my friends could appreciate.

But in the spirit of making this blog less about me and more about all of us, I thought I'd share some universal truths I know to be true thanks to Elizabeth and Kristof's wedding day.

Universal Truth #1: Driving through the windy terrain of 17-mile drive with a car full of less-than-thrilled participants who may or may not be experiencing "motion sickness" after a late evening is a bad idea.  It will create hilarious stories and make unforgettable memories, but it is a bad idea.


Universal Truth #2: Pebble Beach is gorgeous, but not necessarily an appropriate hangout for 30-something hoodlums who think everything they do and say is hilarious.


Universal Truth #3: Not having a date at a wedding means you can attach yourself to your friends' husbands.  Your friends love it.  The husbands love it.  Everybody wins.


Universal Truth #4: Other people's vacations, wedding parties, life events, are better told with pictures and good music and videos. 

Watson's Wedding from Stephanie Gallman on Vimeo.

Universal Truth #5: I need to be a better blogger and write about things in real time instead of taking four months to write about a wedding I attended in August.  Another goal for 2013. 


  1. There is not a big enough hangover in all the world NOT to appreciate 17 mile drive and the peninsula. Pure heaven!!

  2. Universal truth number 6: Huey Lewis in the background makes all videos even better.