Friday, September 28, 2012

happy birthday.

Yesterday was my 32nd birthday.

30-freaking-2?!  How did that happen?

When I began blogging three years ago, I was so scared to turn 30, I wanted to do new things everyday in a desperate attempt to hold on to every last day of my twenties.

Now that my 30th and 31st years have quickly come and gone, I would've thought that each birthday would send me into complete freakout mode.

I don't know if it's maturity (most likely not, this is me we're talking about), accepting the inevitable (getting older sucks, but it happens, so deal with it), or just inner peace that comes from considering the alternative (if I wasn't getting older, I'd be dead), but I've never felt more at ease about celebrating another birthday.

I woke up to text messages and voice mail messages and Facebook posts that made me feel loved and cared for - the way everyone should and hopefully does feel on their big day.

For the most part, though, yesterday was just another day.

There were cards and gifts; a lunch date and a dinner date. There was even wine on a school night. Yahoo!

But there was also a morning yoga class, a long overdue trip to the nail salon, and a normal Thursday at the office.

Just another day - happy, healthy and 32.

Happy birthday to me. Happy Birthday to my little project. Happy Weekend to all of you.

Thank you for the birthday wishes.


  1. Love this post...proud of you and happy for your happiness!

  2. Happy Birthday! I'm happy it was a wonderful day for you :)

  3. Happy Birthday and congratulations!

  4. Happy birthday! Love your blog!!! Is there anyway you can share Psychic Roses contact info?! I am in alpharetta and can't seem to find it anywhere online! Thank you soo much!

  5. Happy birthday Stephanie !!! I loved your blog so much. But I have one question that you started your project on 28th 2009 Sept and as per the blog archives your 365th day was in June 2011. Isn't it suppose to be on 28th Sept 2010 ? Were you not blogging everyday ?

    1. Thanks for reading, Mishi! It's a little confusing - but I did 365 new things, wrote about them and then continued to write after I turned 30 because I loved it so much. So I just turned 32 - YIKES!

    2. It was so amazing to read your stories( haven't read everything yet though !! )...that three days juice fasting(that's how I found you actually ), Going to concert alone (I have done that actually ;)), that rock climbing(even though you suck at it.. just kidding), sneak into a graveyard and putt on Bobby Jones' grave( I will try that too Yeah I stay in Hotlanta ).... Well it was all exciting.

      I love doing random things and exploring but you did just amazing and that too blogged about it all!! Hats off to ya sweets !!

      Anyways, getting older sucks (may be :) )but every age has something to offer that we would enjoy it. For example, there was time we used to drink just to get high ;) but now I just make one drink to enjoy the richly color, aromas of oak and the complex tasting notes of my smooth Kentucky bourbon. Also started exploring red grapes which I always thought its girly drink lol.
      So just think that you are still 29 but with 3 years of experience now :)

      Anyways, Happy Friday Steph !!