Friday, October 5, 2012

house divided

When I left South Carolina to attend college at the University of Georgia, I did so not to abandon my Gamecock roots.  I know it sounds crazy for a southern gal, but I wasn't really thinking about football at all.

I never could've imagined what tremendous anxiety growing up the fan of one school and graduating from another would cause me.  But on the eve of the Georgia - South Carolina game, with so much at stake, I am freaking.

The game has literally kept me up at night this week, and when I do finally fall asleep, I dream about the game.

Monday night, South Carolina got beat by UNC Chapel-Hill while my parents and I were at a Neil Diamond concert.  Then after the concert, they went on to completely destroy Georgia and I got pelted with a baseball.

In Wednesday night's dream, Georgia was leading the whole game; I looked away and the game was tied 49-49.  South Carolina beat us in overtime; and then I got into a fight with a Tennessee fan.

Rarely do my dreams make sense, but I don't remember ever dreaming about football games.

This weekend has become both my favorite and least favorite weekends of the year.  I usually spend it with my family and friends - and nothing's better than a fall college football tailgate.  But if the game ends in my favor and I'm happy, it means my family is disappointed.  If I'm disappointed, it's because my family is excited.  

I'm hoping for a good game and solid performances from both teams.  May the best team (Georgia) win.  And if they don't win, may I handle it like the classy, mature adult my Gamecock parents raised me to be.