Friday, September 14, 2012

madonna inn.

Perhaps one of the reasons I was happy on my own and content to head back to my hotel in San Luis Obispo, is because my hotel was the famous Madonna Inn.


When I walked into the lobby area to check in, I knew I'd seen the place before - on "The Girls Next Door" - when Holly, Kendra and Bridget stayed there on a girls' weekend.  

A hotel featured on a reality show, where every room has over-the-top decor, is completely different from the next and was featured on a reality show?

Obviously, this hotel was right up my (Bubblegum) alley.  Get it?


My room, called, "What's Left," had cotton candy pink walls, color-blocked carpeting, and two wingback chairs covered in loud fabric squares and leather.


In the bathroom, the only thing louder than the patterned tile on the floor and walls was the sequined wallpaper.  Yes, you read that correctly - sequined wallpaper.  


Can you think of anything more fabulous?

Here's wishing you a happy weekend - full of sequins and brightly colored things.