Thursday, February 3, 2011

You Thought I Quit Didn't You?

Don't count me out just yet my friends.

No, for real, 2011 has been a crazy year so far that included a 3-week work trip in New York City where I managed to lose my camera and a memory card with all of my blog pictures. My New York friends tell me losing things in a cab makes me a true New Yorker, but the idea that all of my memories for the remaining weeks of this project are now gone makes me physically sick. I have been inconsolable, acting like a small child about the whole thing. I must soldier on, though, and I'll try, with the help of friends, piece together some visual aides to go along with my words on how the rest of the year went.

This project will get done. I'm back on track with more adventures of my 29th year to tell you about.

I will finish Project 29 to 30.

Keep the faith.

Don't lose hope.


  1. oh no! so sorry to hear that, stephanie. i know you'll still do an amazing job, with or without pictures.

  2. i'm sorry too. i think i'd be the same way - physically sick and inconsolable. :(
    your words paint such a great story, your blog will still rock - even without pics.

  3. It's about time! I've been missing your blolgs. Love, MOM