Friday, October 25, 2013

feeling glad despite feeling bad.

I wasn't planning on blogging today - because I have been in a bad-mood, anxiety-ridden funk this week.  I'm not sure why - I have no reason to be . . .especially since I have so much to be happy about:

The Red Sox, of whom I have over the last 4 years developed an unexplained allegiance, are playing in the World Series. 


The team is sporting beards, too, of which I'm also a huge fan.


Pearl Jam came out with a new album this week, and Fox has been playing the band's music throughout the World Series broadcasts.  Here's more on why baseball fans get to hear Eddie Vedder's sweet voice between innings.


Red Sox baseball?  Beards?  Pearl Jam?  There is so much good in the world.  

And, Kate Middleton at Prince George's christening is completely stunning in Alexander McQueen.  Just when I think she can't look more classy, more beautiful, she outdoes herself.

Also, this adorable "Dancer Goes Rogue" video, which I'm pretty sure is the best thing I've seen in a while.  I love this girl, who much like myself, marches to the beat of her own drummer.

So many things to be happy about - all these things and there is absolutely no way that Georgia can lose this weekend.  

TGIABW - Thank Goodness it's a Bye Week!  Happy Weekend.  

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  1. We used to be friends until you left Jacoby out of your beardy lineup. I heart Jacoby forever.