Friday, June 28, 2013

friday randomness.

Hello friends.

I'm back to blogging after a week with my extended family in Oak Island, North Carolina.  Actually I've been back for several days now, but haven't quite gotten back into the swing of things.  I blame it on Vacation Steph.

She was out in full-force.

I completely checked out from reality, which I often have a hard time doing - I even left my Blackberry at work!  Yes, I'm happy to report I stayed locked and loaded on my family.  I played golf, ate good food, sat in the sun, and wore very little makeup. It was marvelous.

And then I came back to another busy news week that has left me feeling exhausted - and not terribly moved to write. Back to reality. So serious.  Boo.

 photo (2)

I mean, what do I tell you about my little ole life that could possibly compete with the Paula Deen controversy, Wendy Davis' marathon filibuster (that involved a back brace and a catheter) and Wednesday's historic Supreme Court rulings in favor of same sex couples?

I can't think of anything that I could write that could possibly add to the multitude of commentary already out there.

But a blogger I admire and respect - Glennon Doyle Melton of Momastery - so eloquently articulated many of my own feelings about the subject in her own blog.  I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE / BEG you to read.  Her words are SO thoughtful, SO very poignant, SO right on.  I wish I had written it myself.

One line in particular shook me to my core and has stirred up all kinds of thoughts I plan to write about, and share over the next few days.

"Maybe we should all be required to pick an issue that requires US to change and not OTHERS to change. I think that’d be good.

Ahhh. So. Many. Thoughts. 

But it's the weekend, and I haven't the brain cells left to take it on.  So, I will leave you, instead, with a few random and awesome thoughts. 

First, in the awesome category --

One of my oldest, funniest, and most talented friends Cindy has two pieces of her artwork featured in this year's Coastal Living Show House in Daniel Island.  Anyone in the Charleston area can tour the house (all proceeds go to charity) or check out Cindy's artwork here.  In addition to loving her and her family, I'm so impressed with her artistic talents and proud of this huge accomplishment.  Her paintings are so colorful and happy - a lot like Cindy herself.   


Also awesome - this Relix article with Ed Helms, aka Andy "Nard Dog" Bernard from "The Office." One of my favorite television characters of all times also plays the banjo and shares a mutual respect for Phish?  YES!

And Spanx is coming to Atlanta - and by that I mean the flagship Spanx store.  My stomach hurts just thinking about all the binding and sucking in that will be happening there come November 2014.  But seriously, thank God for Sara Blakeley for making us look good. 


And on to the random - if you need me this weekend, I'll be at home figuring out a way to cook and eat the $210 worth of groceries I bought at the DeKalb Farmer's Market on Tuesday.  Six bottles of wine are included in the purchase, but I think I was briefly hypnotized by all of the fresh produce and I went a little lot crazy?

photo (2)

Did I mention I live alone and am leaving town again on Wednesday?  If anyone has suggestions for things to cook with leeks, I'm all ears. 

What are you doing this weekend?

Happy Friday! 


  1. Why don't you give the left over food some of Atlanta's homeless if you don't finish it?

    1. Great idea - do you know any food banks will accept perishable food? Most of what I have is produce.

  2. Are you going to cook for Marlena and I this Sunday brunch?

  3. I LOVE THIS POST. first of all - so glad you went to the DFM. isn't is a wonderland of eatery?? it is super easy to get carried away there. i do it all the time. secondly, i went to see glennon this week! she came to atlanta and spoke and did a book signing! she was amazing. love love love her. coffee soon...need an update on your life! xo