Friday, April 26, 2013


Happy. Freaking. Friday. 

This was another exhausting, seemingly never-ending week and I'm so happy that the weekend is in sight.  I'll spare you the details of the stress, but instead tell you something funny.

Yesterday afternoon Jacob sent me this text.


I read it several times and waited a while before I responded with only one word answers because I mean, what really does one say to her boyfriend who was apparently completing a drug deal over text message?

Thankfully, knowing me and my tendency to freak out, Jacob quickly let me in on the joke - courtesy of comedian Nathan Fielder (@nathanfielder). Fielder suggested his followers to "accidentally text message" their parents (or girlfriend in this case) as if they were trying to complete a drug deal and then post their responses.

 As you can imagine, the reactions are pretty hilarious.

I completely fell for it, so obviously I turned around to play the prank on my own parents--my hilarious mom, specifically. Given my mom's trusting, laid back personality, overall drug ignorance and inability to text message, I was pretty positive it wouldn't resonate. And sure enough - I sent my mom the message a half-hour ago and I still haven't even heard from her.


UPDATE: My mom saw the texts and immediately freaked too.  But she confesses she had no idea what two grams meant and was planning to call my dad to see if he knew.  She read my blog before it got very far.

I highly encouraging pranking - and this one is a sure thing.

Also - no pranks here - my idol Kristen Wiig is returning to guest host Saturday Night Live on May 11th.  This is how I feel about that.

If it were up to me, she and Melissa McCarthy would take turns hosting SNL every other week.  I'm so pumped.

Have a great weekend!