Monday, April 1, 2013

happy best day ever.

Today is one of my most favorite days of the year for two reasons, in no particular order.

1. It's Opening Day for my two favorite baseball teams.  I'm not going to the game tonight, but I plan on making it to Turner Field as much as possible this season and with any luck, I'll make it to a game at Fenway too.  Here are some pictures from last year's Opening Day to get you excited.


Cheers to cold beers, abolishing the infield fly rule and lots of Braves and Red Sox victories! 

2.  It's April Fools' Day, so dust off your pranks and get to work.  I've been pranked and have successfully pulled off many pranks in my 32 years, but two stand out as my favorites -- 

Years ago I called my friend Trish to tell her that I was engaged to my then boyfriend.  We gave her so many details about how the engagement went down, when we thought we would get married -- she couldn't help but believe us. She was so genuinely excited for us and not at all aware that it was a prank, that when I had to call her to tell her I was just kidding, I actually felt bad.  

That same April Fools' Day, I also short-sheeted my parents' bed, which still makes me laugh to this day.  I wasn't there to watch the prank go down, but my mom said there was a great deal of confusion and frustration when they were climbing into bed that night.  

Short-sheeting someone's bed is the easiest, most innocent prank around and if executed correctly, will almost always make for a good laugh.  I have a year of living in my sorority house and befriending Kyle to thank for showing me how it's done.  

If you'd like to try - here are some instructions, courtesy of WikiHow

1. Know how the person's bed is made normally.  The more you make it look normal, the less suspicious (and more surprised) the victim will be. 

2. Drape the fitted sheet on the mattress as usual.

3. Instead of tucking the sheet at the foot of the bed, tuck it in at the head of the bed.

4. Take the edge of the flat sheet near the foot of the bed and fold it up toward the head of the bed in order to make it resemble a properly installed flat sheet.  The fold will go across the center of the bed.  

5. Place the pillow and additional blankets and/or bedspreads normally.  These will cover up the fold. 

6.  Watch the person try to get into bed and get ready to laugh when their feet get trapped in the fold.  

Even as writing this entry, I completely fell for this "announcement" written as a real news story - Virgin Atlantic planning glass bottomed plane.

Happy Pranking!  And Happy Opening Day!