Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sh*t my Parents Say

It's pretty clear this blog lacks vision - I'm in need of a new shtick. (IDEAS, WELCOME)

For now, I'm posting randomly -- When I feel like it, when I take pretty pictures, or, in this case, when my parents say funny things.

Mom: "Are you coming home to help me celebrate Mother's Day?"

Me: "No, Mom, I can't. I'm sorry. I have to work on Sundays, remember?"

Mom: "Oh, right. Well that's fine because I'm not going to be in town anyway."

Hmmm . . .ok?

Not to be outdone, my dad last night on the phone:

"Well, you can have my inheritance when I'm gone, but I'm doing my best to spend every bit of it."

Thanks, Dad.

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