Wednesday, July 2, 2014

don't stop believing.

I'm a liar.

I know I said that I'd be okay regardless of how things turned out for the US Soccer team, but after really believing that we could win, I wasn't at all ready to lose.  

I feel so sad.  Sad for the players and for what could have been, but mostly because it's highly unlikely we will ever see this team play all together again.  

It's too much.  

I feel the pride and happiness for what this team accomplished, which is more than any other sports team, celebrity or elected leader ever has.  Uniting a country full of cynics, fickle fans, unpatriotic doubters is no small task, yet for several weeks, we all believed and we all cheered for the same team.  I hope each of those players feels as I do - that this accomplishment is far greater than any that can be achieved on a soccer field.  

But still, I'm bummed. 

I'm headed to the beach this weekend to eat and drink and sun my feelings - and I sense I'll be alternating between the disappointment that it's over and overwhelming happiness that it happened.  

So lucky to be an American - even when we lose, we still win.

Happy July 4th - I believe that we can be the country the World Cup made us out to be.