Tuesday, November 26, 2013

fool in love.

This is the time of year for thankfulness - and I suppose a post about all of which I am thankful would be appropriate. 

But this is instead an apology post - an enormous, "I'm sorry," and an admittance that "I have unfairly judged you, and I was wrong."

From my closest Facebook friends to bloggers I don't know but read regularly, I have been rolling my eyes at all of your nauseating "look at my cute kids!" behavior since I can remember.  I've scoffed at your willingness to abandon all civilized decorum and intelligent conversation in favor of complete goofiness and baby talk.  I've vowed that if ever I loved a child enough to thaw my cold, black heart, that I'd never become one of you. 

But now that I, as of a week ago, joined the ranks of crazy, psycho, completely obsessed aunts everywhere, I finally get where you have been coming from.

Now I understand why parents feel the need to update social media hourly with pictures and status updates highlighting every single accomplishment or movement their child makes. 

I understand that why after having 19 of them, the Duggars are still counting children.

I even understand why people steal babies  Wait. What? Just kidding on that - don't steal anyone's baby.  No matter how cute. 

But no doubt babies - especially nieces like mine - are the greatest things that ever happened.  Ever.

See what I mean?


I expected to love her - she's family; but I didn't expect to love her so much, so fast.  I also didn't expect when the time came to leave her, that it would physically hurt.  Maybe it was PMS, or that I was so overcome with joy over her arrival and watching my brother in his new role as a doting father, but I actually cried.  Like real tears. 

Unfortunately for me, but likely VERY fortunate for you, I live several hours and too many miles away from this little nugget, or else I might have to rename this blog, "The Gray Project."

Clearly I need to get a life, but if you have five minutes, you must watch this video I made to highlight her first week of awesomeness.

WARNING: You might die of cuteness overload and it will probably cause you to do the "ugly cry."

BabyGray from Stephanie Gallman on Vimeo.

The Gallmans have much to be thankful for this year.

Wishing all you turkeys a very happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving holiday! 

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